Having gone and created a family, I've now actually gone and put together the pieces of it. This will likely get more coherent and better organized (eventually) as well as gathering more data, but, such as it is, here it is.

Name Origin DOB Notes
Ryael Tillek/Seacraft 60 BCP None.
Jorlai Ista/Seacraft 58 BCP None.
Ryai Tillek 35 BCP Daughter, eldest, Ryael and Jorlai. Betrothed to Seacrafter; never handfasted. Joined Jaellor at Brightpeaks.
Jaellor Tillek/Woodcraft 34 BCP Son, youngest, Ryael and Jorlai. Married Killea, took over Brightpeaks Holding when her father died.
Kilran Brightpeaks Holding 51 BCP Held Brightpeaks until his death, Jaellor then took it.
Leah S. Boll/Weavercrafthall 53 BCP Left the weaverhall as a senior apprentice, resigning her knot.
Killea Brightpeaks Holding 31 BCP Only child of Kilran and Leah, m. Jaellor.
Children: Jaellor, Killea
Jaelean Brightpeaks Holding 14 BCP Eldest son.
Lorean Brightpeaks Holding 12 BCP Second.
Kael Brightpeaks Holding 9 BCP Third.
Ellia Brightpeaks Holding 2 BCP Joined Harper Hall 12 CP. m. Jerethan, 18 CP, posted Ruatha.
Cheran Brightpeaks Holding 1 CP Impressed blue Shanth at Fort 12 CP, renamed Ch'ran. wm. Kimber, 16 CP.
Jerethan Benden Region 5 BCP Journeyman Harper, HRW sweep. Father: Jerikal. Brothers: Thanikal, Nathik Uncle: Kelner, Harper (J'man, Retired)
Kimber Ista Weyr 7 BCP Lifemate: Green Kerinth, Fort. Sisters: Cariona (Herder - MBH), Leianna (Woodcrafter-Ruatha)
Kimily Fort Weyr 18 CP Daughter of Ch'ran and Kimber
Elthan Ruatha Hold/Harper Hall 18 CP Son of Ellia and Jerethan

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