This page is about Future Strike, a game which I am developing in my copious free time. It is intended to be a futuristic multiplayer RPG, in which a player may interact via the internet with every other player.

Right now, it looks like a 2-d, top-down space shooter, (See for yourself in the Screen Shots section) and can handle multiple players via TCP/IP. The client runs in Windows 95 (haven't tried NT yet) using DirectX 3.0, and WinSock. You really really need 2 MB of video memory at this point, though, as the 640x480x16bit color mode takes a little over 1 MB just for the front and back screen buffers.

The graphics are all rendered, although most of the current 3d models were made by me, and I am far from a successful 3d modeler. One of my friends, Greg Flinchbaugh, drew all the cool 3d models shown in the Concept Pics section. However, I don't know where he is, so I can't use them in the actual game at this point.
At this point, I don't have a dedicated server set up, so it's only possible to play when I have it running on my computer (and if it is running, I'm likely to shut it down within the next few minutes). I hope to be getting a new computer to use for a server sometime, probably running NT. When I get that going, I'll put up the client, so you can test it out.