Computer Graphics II Projects

This is a small set of images from the projects I created for the class Computer Graphics II. They were written in Visual C using OpenGL. Enjoy.

Project 2 - Bezier Patch Modeler
This program creates, edits and texture maps bezier patches.
A model I created with the program.

The patch control points for the model.

Selecting a patch to texture map.

The textured model.

Project 3 - Model Animator
This program takes models created with Project 2 and can animate them along keyframed paths. It can also render out the animation sequence using OpenGL.

An overview of the animation paths. All the objects (including the ground plane) were made usin the Project 2 program. You can see the paths for the plane, the camera, and a missle that the plane launches.

The camera view for the animation.
OpenGL plane
An OpenGL rendered frame of the completed animation.

Project 4 - Raytracer
This program takes the animations created by Project 3 and raytraces them.
The (very simple) interface for the ratracer.

The raytrace in progress.
Raytraced plane
A high-resolution rendered frame. you can see the reflections and shadows.
End scene
This is a small picture of the end of the animation: the plane shoots a missle at an extruded cube of crystal. No explosion though.. :(
Raytraced spheres
This is an image of some generic raytraced spheres, also from my raytracer program. The blue glass sphere is depth-fogged, with refraction. The weird looking shadow edges are from really pathetic adaptively sampled soft shadows.. :)