Project One

Nifty projects I have worked on:

uh.. how to blow up sheep
These are some shots of the top-down shoot-em-up I worked on with Cat Mazza and Brian Paterson. It's the result of about 3 weeks of work, and is mildly entertaining for a few minutes. If you like to hate sheep, this is the game for you.
More sheep bits
The biggest problem we had writing this game was trying to figure out what the point was. Eventually we just gave up.
Interesting, ain't it?
By the way that's me on the right there. I drew the barn. It's a good barn, really. I also drew the sheep in the targeting screen.
Cat made the sheep, and Brian made the sheep move. I did the basic graphics code, the level stuff, and the shooting stuff.
Actually, it's just weird
If you really feel like it, you can change the game pretty easily. All the graphics are straight 32 bit color windows .bmp files. The level is a text file, and the sounds are .wav files. Just about anything would make more sense than this.

If you want the sheep killing program, here it is: (320k).

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