Simplify Surface Instructions

by Chris Tchou

USAGE: SimplifySurface [options] infile

-f #
Specifies the target number of triangle faces
-v #
Specifies the target numbef of vertices.
If both are given, the algorithm stops when both of these targets are met.
-u #
Specifies the level of initial subdivision.
Note: this just subdivides every triangle into 4 triangles, # times, fairly inefficiently.
Not an ideal solution, but the ideal solution could be an entire project in itself.
Specifies the input file is in .smf format.
Allows contractions that invert face normals.
The default is to put off these contractions until later by increasing their error.
(this means if every contraction inverts a normal, then it will loop forever)
Turning this on often results in a mesh that better follow the color contours, but will have inverted triangles in places.
-o outfile.smf
Specifies the output file (writes in .smf format)
-c calfile
Specifies the optional texture calibration file
If no file is given, vertices are colored by the color given in their input file, or 50% gray if no color is specified there
Calfile File Format: text, one parameter per line:
-the input picture file name
(Radiance's high dynamic range .pic format), this should be a cylindrical sphere projection (x/y = longitude/latitude)
-the center of projection, x coordinate
-the center of projection, y coordinate
-the center of projection, z coordinate
-the scale for color values
(appropriate to compare to the coordinates), larger numbers increase the importance of color relative to geometry
Example calfile (good for projecting onto a sphere centered at the origin):

Some things to try:

St. Peter's Basilica environment sphere, decimated to 8000 faces:
simplifysurface -s -c -o sphere8000.smf -f 8000 globe-rgb.smf

Globe, decimated to 800 faces:
simplifysurface -s -o globe800.smf -f 800 globe-rgb.smf

Cow, decimated to 1000 faces:
simplifysurface -s -o cow1000.smf -f 1000 cow.smf

or down to 100 faces - alot of the features are degenerating at this point..
simplifysurface -s -o cow100.smf -f 100 cow.smf

Swirl, decimated to 1000 faces:
simplifysurface -s -o swirl1000.smf -f 1000 swirl.smf