Realtime Shadows and Lighting Project Links

Shadow Methods

Visibility Algorithms in Image Synthesis - A good overview of many graphical algorithms involving visibility (like shadows..), including sections on:
  • Shadow Mask Sweep Image Synthesis Systems - simple algorithm, easily extended to handle light-projections
  • Characteristics of Depth Buffer Shadow Systems

    Two Shadow Rendering Algorithms
    A Comparison of Three Shadow Volume Algorithms -
    Global Illumination - Lecture Notes for a graphics course at Stanford
    Notes from a seminar on CG at UNR.
    Bibliography on Shadow Algorithms - by Paul Heckbert.

    Polygonal Mesh Utilities

    QSlim - Creates good approximations of triangle meshes, fast
    Stripe - Convert polygonal models into triangle strips

    OpenGL References

    The OpenGL WWW Pages.
    Way cool, way fast OpenGL rendering techniques - Some useful hacks


    Paul Heckbert - Associate Professor at CMU, my mentor for this project. Good links to texture mapping stuff, polygonal mesh stuff, shadow and lighting stuff, ray tracing stuff, and alot of other nifty stuff.
    Michael Garland - Graduate student at CMU, mostly deals with multi-resolution modeling. Lots of good links from his page.
    Adrian Perez - Sophomore at CMU, doing some research on scene visibility, with links to other cool things.
    Nate Robins - Don't know him, but he's got some interesting stuff here.
    Yiorgos Chrysanthou - Look back here later, he might put up some stuff.

    General Interesting Links

    The good-looking textured light-sourced bouncy fun smart and stretchy page - Really cool.
    Bookmarks for David S. Lee Swenson
    GFX - An graphics page with alot of info.
    The Kick Engine - A graphics engine with fairly good realtime shadows

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