Greetings Arch-Mage,

I come to you today with the announcement of a tournament. This tournament differs from all other tournaments that we have done before in the past in the aspect that it tests the very nature of the Magician in their summoning abilities and capability to find resources.

I understand your resourcefulness to be that which most other professions envy. Therefore, it is only fitting that this resourcefulness be tested as well.

The Best of the Best Arch-Mage Tournament starts in early January, but will start much sooner for those who wish to compete with the ability to win. Enter not with your prized possessions, but only that which you have summoned, or have had made by the many trade skills of the lands. The only exception to this rule will be the potions of the shamans, for these will be disallowed so that only the greatest of skills will be tested.

When you step into the ring for your match, you will be inspected by some of the most skillful guards in all of Norrath. They have the ability to check everything, including that which you can normally hide. Only trade-skill made items, summoned items, and spell components will be allowed to be on your person for the match. This will create a level of competition that starts well before the match commences, for only the greatest Magician will wear the true title of the Arch-Mage.

All items that you can summon maybe summoned before the match starts, except for your companion, which must be cast before the match. Only a single cast will be allowed, you will not be able to destroy your creation, in hopes of creating a second one, which has more power. Fear not, for your creation will see combat as we have requested that the banishing of pets not be used.

You may give your companion any item that is summoned or made with trade skills, and also use any item that is summoned or made with trade skills, as long as its not a shamans potion.

I will see you in the Arena of Lake Rathe in early January, but your mission starts now if you wish to be truly successful. I assure you that in undiscovered areas, in unread books there is equipment that will suit your purpose for this event.

Lady Daegarmo
Online Events Supervisor
Sony Online Entertainment Verant Interactive