Research Components
Name Spell(s) requiring
Words of Tyranny Level 16 pets
Words of the Element Summon Heatstone
Words of Dominion Level 20 pets
Words of Transcendence Cornucopia and Everfont
Words of Dimension Level 24 water, air, and fire pets
Words of Sight Summon Coldstone
Words of Coercion Level 29 pets, and level 24 Earth pet
Words of Detention Nullify Magic
Words of Duress Level 34 pets
Words of Collection Dagger of Symbols and Summon Ring of Flight
Words of Convocation Level 39 pets
Words of Incarceration Level 44 pets
Words of Bondage Level 49 pets
All elemental summoning spells require the elemental summoning of the same element, one circle lower.
Summon Food Scroll Conucopia
Summon Water Scroll Everfont
Summon Heatstone Scroll Summon Coldstone
Cancel Magic Scroll Nullify Magic
Other Items
Aviak Feather Level 16 Summon Air Elemental
Small Brick of Ore Level 16 Summon Earth Elemental
Halas Heater Level 16 Summon Fire Elemental
Shark Skin Level 16 Summon Water Elemental
Bloodstone Summon Heatstone
Scroll of the Element Summon Heatstone
Pearl Shard Level 20, 24 Summon Air Elemental
Topaz Level 20 Summon Earth Elemental
Jade Shard Level 20, 24 Summon Fire Elemental
Ice of Velious Level 20, 24 Summon Water Elemental
Loaf of Bread Cornucopia
Flask of Water Everfont
Eyes of Serilis Summon Coldstone
Scent of Marr Level 29, 34 Summon Air Elemental
Gloves of Rallos Zek Level 24, 29, 39 Summon Earth Elemental
Breath of Solusek Level 29, 34 Summon Fire Elemental
Flame of Vox Level 29, 39 Summon Water Elemental
Blood of Velious Nullify Magic
Dagger Dagger of Symbols
Star Rose Quartz Summon Ring of Flight
The Scent of Marr Level 44 Summon Air Elemental
Essence of Rathe Level 44 Summon Earth Elemental
Tears of Prexus Level 44, 49 Summon Water Elemental
Wing of Xegony Level 49 Summon Air Elemental
Breath of Ro Level 49 Summon Fire Elemental