These tables are listed in a completely subjective order of how useful they are to your average Magician, from least to most. Obviously, there's room for interpretation.

They often leave out a few items that aren't worth your time (orc picks, Bloody Shanks, etc.)

Note that for mundane weapons (like daggers, staves, etc.) there's usually variants available (like fine steel, combine, etc.). These are not shown.

"Source" means where you can find the item, either loot (dropped from a NPC), quest, vendor, spell (summoned item), craft (made by a trade skill), or GM (dropped in a GM event, may or may not be available someplace else).

Where a value is shown as x/y, the value before the slash is for small items, the value after the slash is for medium items (no magician can wear large items).

Some of the jewelcraft items are in the lists (particularly those that increase Intelligence or mana), but most are not.

If you find these lists useful, I wholeheartedly reccommend EQ Items, where most of this information came from anyways.


Held Items


Chest Items

Cloaks and Capes


Face Items



Head Items

Leg Items

Neck Items


Shoulder Items

Sleeve Items

Wrist Items