Practice Research

Practice Research is used to, well, Practice Research, without using up valuable Words or other Components.

To engage in Practice Research, you have to find the Gypsy Mrysila in North Karana (if you're Evil, there's an equivalent Gypsy in South Ro). Trading her a lightstone will net you either Runes and Research Volume 1 (instructions) or Runes and Research Volume 2 (recipies). Trading her a Greater Lightstone will get you the Concordance of Research, a book you can combine things in similar to the Elemental Grimoire.

To Practice Research, find the components for the Azla and Beza rune of the appropriate type (they're listed here and in R&Rv2 in order if increasing difficulty). Combine the components plus a parchment and a quill in the Concordance of Research to get the Rune (one at time, once to get the Azla and once to get the Beza). Once you have both runes, combine them both in your Elemental Grimoire. Voila, you've just practiced research, and if you're lucky your skill went up.

Recipies marked with a * have not been confirmed. All others have been tested by players and work.

Items marked with a + do not actually exist in the game (as far as I know), and thus those levels of practice research cannot be completed.

If you have an addition, correction, or confirmation, please email me at Thanks!

Name Gem Other Component 1 Other Component 2 Trivial at
Practice Rune Azla Lapis Lazuli Bat Wing Bone Chips 21
Practice Rune Beza Turquoise Fire Beetle Eye Any Rusty Slashing Weapon 21
Apprentice Rune Azla * Hematite Bixie Wing + Froglock Eye + ?
Apprentice Rune Beza Cat Eye Agate Large Snake Rattle Any Rusty Piercing or Bludgeoning (not staff) Weapon ?
Training Rune Azla Bloodstone Wasp Wing Zombie Skin 62
Training Rune Beza Onyx Spiderling Silk Rawhide Cap, Mask, Gorget, Tunic, Shoulderpads, or Cloak 62
Journeyman Rune Azla Jasper Pixie Wing Bat Fur 95
Journeyman Rune Beza Star Rose Quartz Burned Out Lightstone Rawhide Belt, Sleeves, Wristbands, Gloves, Leggings, or Boots 95
Study Rune Azla * Amber Giant Bat Wing Giant Scarab Eye + ?
Study Rune Beza * Amber Giant Snake Fang Ringmail Coif, Visor, Neckguard, Coat, Mantle, Cape ?
Expert Rune Azla * Jade Faerie Wing Fire Drake Scale ?
Expert Rune Beza * Jade Giant Snake Rattle Ringmail Skirt, Belt, Sleeves, Bracelet, Gloves, Pants, or Boots ?
Master Rune Azla * Pearl Griffon Feather Undead Froglock Tongue ?
Master Rune Beza * Pearl Giant Fire Beetle Eye Any Fine Steel Slashing Weapon ?
Magi Rune Azla Topaz Shark Skin Brownie Parts ?
Magi Rune Beza Topaz Hill, Frost, or Fire Giant Toes Any Fine Steel Piercing or Bludgeoning (not staff) Weapon ?