The Eyrie

You float upwards along the cliffside, passing through layers of clouds and mist. You hear the cry of a raptor in stoop. Looking around, you find that there is a ledge in the mountainside, covered over with twisted pieces of ideas and thought, woven through with music, and supported on the hard stone foundations. It seems to be a good place to rest. After a moment, a huge black bird appears. With a flutter of her wings, she settles on the ledge beside you.

A journey through the mind and soul, a place of peace on high.

aer*ie or aer*y also ey*rie or eyr*y n., pl. ies. 1. The nest of a bird, such as an eagle, built on a cliff or other high place. 2. A house or stronghold perched on a height.

What is my eyrie, then?

A place to store the fragments of my life?
A haven from the same?
A high-up place from which I might indulge my point of view?

I would say some combination of these and more; no matter how complete a place may be there are ever

Things Left Unsaid

But still things left unsaid
Cloud my mind-
Things I would have said
Had I dared the speaking;
Thoughts I would have shared
Had the sh aring not confused my thought.
Things left untold
Weigh heavy on my mind-
I fear to speak,
The words not coming as they mean,
And my thoughts do not translate as speech.
Spee ch! That most confounding of vehicles-
Transfor ming my thought

To unread lines

Of half forgotten verse.

This poem was written on the back of a paper airplane while I was sitting on a wall outside the Stamp Student Union at th e University of Maryland, College Park. In the spring of 1993. (That was so it wouldn't be a hopeless run-on sentence.)

More of my writing (stories and poetry) can be accessed through my online Book of Shadows.

New Feature!!!!!!

I have created a page of inspirations, just because it's kinda difficult to live in the difficult wo rld we live in.

It's a little sparse right about now, but I hope that it will expand as people give me things to put in it, or as I find things to put in it myself.

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