The Unreal World

For the most part, Real Life and the Real World scare me.
For example, this entire page is a means of hiding from reality and poking about in my computer.

The first and most important of my refuges is the subsection of humanity called My People. (Also known as the Rhombus, as we're not normal enough to be a circle of friends.)(Credit to Otavia Propper for coining the term!)(Yes, Otavia....)

Next in importance comes my music. I listen to it, I love it, and I sing it. I have this one section of my brain named the Music Department, which has three purposes. It remembers song lyrics with a stunning and scary degree of accuracy. It identifies songs from the first six measures (usually less). And it comes up with The Perfect Lyric For Every Occasion. It always runs. I'd try shutting it off, but I'm afraid it's fundamental to my brain paths and making it go away might likely crash my cpu.

Then comes reading. (I have a Quote Department too, but it doesn't always work.) For this, I have compiled the Required Reading List From Hell for your entertainment and edification. (You can tell I read a lot because I USE words like edification. $.25 words.)

And finally, games. Games of all sorts, shapes, sizes, and colors. I do not discriminate based on race, gender, sexual orentation, creed, or.... anything else. I love games. I'll play just about anything.

Of course, there's also Random Stuff, links that go here because why not? and I needed somewhere to put them.

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