Music Is.

I live for music. That's really all I have to say.

I play piano, flute, and I'm learning (self-taught, beware....) the bagpipe.
But most of all I sing. Compulsively and incessantly.
As of this writing I have a cold and am very grumpy because I have no voice.

Here I have music I like and down at the bottom a few songs with real meaning for me. Even explanations of same.

Artists, in no order whatsoever:

This is for all of my fellow explorers through that lovely realm known as CTY: The CTY Canon songs.

All nine of them.

And now, the important things. Songs that mean a lot to me. Personally.

For my own amusement value, I have 'theme songs' for my various characters. (In gaming. This is an outgrowth of a conversation I had in email a while back.) For your own pointless spammage, I'm gonna put them down.

There we go. *Gasp*
Well, you can return to th e start of it all, go bask to the silliness page.... Or head for the philosophy behind the big long lists.