The Gallery

This is a master list of friends, people I care about, and people I love (who don't happen to be actually related to me.) To avoid all cries of favoritism, I put this in alphabetical order by first name. Let me know if I forgot anything, and any of you up here who have pages let me know where they a re so I can do links!

Now installed: The Rogues' Gallery, a collection of photographs. More to come as I get 'em and scan 'em.

Aardvark (Jay Vaishnav): Friendly critter from Neptune. Don't mind the bizzarreness....
Aga-san Skotowski: Little Voice Incarnate and Wicked, Wicked, Zoot!
Ali Hennig: Sw eet person of good hugs and perpetual Loyal Freshman.
Altair Maine: Sickeningly accelerated but a nifty fellow nonetheless....
Anne Cross: My beloved roomie-san who just rocks my li ttle world!
Ben Stern: My little brother. We been through hell and back together. 1-4-3.
Beth Biller: My sister in spirit.
BiF Borje: Singing partner and fellow Beatle-freak.
Bina Arch: Designer of Tarot decks, intersting wolf to talk to, and Felding.
Dan Paskowitz: Our venerable team leader and huggable teddy- bear type.
David Damiani: Tall, blond, and terminally bewildered.
Debbie Wu: Fresh Frenzier, Goer to IHOP, and general nifty person.
Dennis Clark: A CTY person, formerly Dennis-of-the-braidable-hair, now Dennis-of-the-slightly-shaggy-hair.
Diana Mueller: Beautiful, bewildered, and unfortunately still slightly orange.
Eeeka Little: The voluptuous redhead of Felding.
Elf (Emily Fortner): A renewed old friend from a long time gone.
Eric Wescott: He is what he is.
Erika Schmidt: Creator of the weirdest psych project in history.
Fook (Rebecca Ehrlich): Squidgy person and gl orious gooderwumper- the wumperest of them all.
Galen Silversmith: Bi, Pagan, and Proud!
Jen Arnott: A wacky person of many names.
Jeremy Lindsey: Another one of my Family of the Heart, another brother. AKA Saletran.
Jerrod Weisman: a wonderful random MIT student from Random Hall of all places, who makes far too much sense for his own good and mine.
Joel Ricketts: Ashke.
John Christensen: One who can be talked to at random online and who makes sense, and doesn't just nod and smile when I blither a lot about weird stuff. :)
Juliean Galak: The lunatic fringe....
Kate Madden: Who finally returned my Stan Freeburg tapes!
Kevin Marsh: My beloved. Nuff said.
Laura Black: A Mull 3 groupie and CTY person too.... Also local to me which is nice.
Leanne Fornaca: *hugs* Yaaaaaaaay Leanne!
Marcie Kligman: Da Klingon, speaker of Is a and writer in L-Ha.
Maren Mikkelson: Well, her character flaw is that she's an Orioles fan.... Go Sox!
Marian Collentine: Imperatrix of the Fresh Folder and Jedi Squire.
Mike Paskowitz: My best enemy. From high school.... Don't ask, long story.
Mike Sapoznikow: Mike the Soph, never mind that he's a senior this year....
Mimi Ko: Fellow cat and First Knight of the Order of the Blue Umbrella.
Nick Hausman: My former pet fratboy. (I'm his former pet Wellesley chick)
Otavia Propper: The Boss. (Yes, Otavia) Simon&Garfunkel fan and cook extraordinaire!
Paul Gordon: A friend in need is a friend who gets *hugged*
Peter Ralph: An old love and a good friend. He makes more sense than he thinks.
Scott Staten: The one who taught me most of what I know about gamemastering, evil GM extraordinaire, and the person everyone refers to when they say, "I want to paint this as well as Scott does".
Shawna Lea Adams: The Vegetarian Who Loves Blood. My Bigsis.
Spyder (Peter Vargo): A generally weird fellow who climbs the undersides of staircases. Swordsman.
Thia Odiorne: General wacky person. Huggable.
Tom Lotze: Kookiest of the Kooks, Malkaviest of the Malkavians. A non-mundane in Pittsburgh.
Wendolyn Breslyn: SheLovesRushDoYouLoveRushSheKnowsYouDoCauseSheLovesRushAndRushLovesHer.....

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